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Price list 

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Chiropractic and Physiotherapy is covered by most health insurers. We can help you find out your personal insurance coverage, at Health & Happiness we have several dedicated Health Insurance experts who can make calls on your behalf to investigate your cover and direct you as to how to best benefit from the coverage you have.  

Some insurance companies WON'T talk to a 3rd party, in this event we equip you with the questions you need to ask and ASSIST YOU with the phone call on site at our office so there is less confusion.  These topics can be complicated and time consuming. We help you as much as we can to minimize your own out of pocket expense so you can get the care you need, our Doctors create the reports of your case in a timely manner and the process is one we are very familiar with.   

If you are not sure Rhea, our Insurance Expert will call your insurance company to look into your health coverage. Please call 800 CHIRO for more information

Payment Options

At Health & Happiness we accept cash and card payments.


Since 2024, you can settle bills for Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Spinal Decompression and Motion Stretch using Cryptocurrencies -  Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin (USDC) and USE Tether (USDT). Upon payment, you will receive receipts denominated in AED.

If you are after a flexible payment solution we work with Cashew. Cashew allows you to split your purchase into 3 or 6 payments, interest free. 

Courtesy Car

If you find yourself without a car or don't own one Francis, our company driver,  will collect you and take you back home after your appointment at Health & Happiness. For more information please call us at 800CHIRO


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