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Dean Schwartz

Dr. Francis Dean Schwartz is a compassionate, knowledgeable and results
oriented Chiropractor. He graduated Cum Laude from Texas Chiropractic College in
. Following graduation, Dr. Schwartz has been helping patients and their families in
the Houston, Dallas and European communities. He is proficient in the care of
musculoskeletal disorders resulting from recreational; as well as, occupational injuries.

Dr. Schwartz is always furthering his education in order to expand his knowledge for the
benefit of his patients, therefore he took an extensive training in sports related injuries, as well as, in nutrition.  Dr Dean has been certified by Titleist Performance Institute, Medical Level 3 for Golf Rehabilitation and 
Prevention and is also an Applied Clinical Nutritionist.

Outside of work, Dr. Dean is an avid golfer and has been an athlete all his life.  He has a genuine love
for sports and recreational activities. Therefore, he promotes proper body function not
only to prevent injury but also to enhance sports performance. Dr. Dean believes that
the body with the fewest biomechanical succeeds, both in sports
and life. He is passionate about bringing health and freedom from dis-ease to the world
through Chiropractic Care and Wellness Education. 

Dubai Health Authority license number: 00214626-003

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