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Mike Wiliams

I am a graduate of Sherman chiropractic college. I am a second career chiropractor. Before becoming a chiropractor I was a science teacher and College level American Football Coach. My experience as a teacher and coach has helped me tremendously in my chiropractic career. My past experience allows me to teach my patients the benefits of enjoying a life full of health instead of pain.

Sherman college is known world wide as a leader in the field of Health Sciences and Wellness Care, the focus is not just on being pain free but maximizing our health potential. While in practice many patients have come to me for assistance with painful ailments such as headaches or Low Back Pain, I find they STAY being patients when they see how much healthier they can be when the body is properly functioning structurally.  I am proficient in full spine adjustments and as a Grandfather I really enjoy working with infants and children. Working with children has taught me to adapt to the specific needs of all patients and I look forward to meeting you in our office at JLT.

Dubai Health Authority license number: 42148975-001

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