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Mathew Cowburn

Dr Mathew is an Australian chiropractor who graduated from RMIT University in Melbourne in 1999. He has enjoyed sharing his passion for chiropractic and health with people of all ages. From pregnant mothers, babies to the elderly he has worked to optimise ones ability to connect their physical health with lifestyle and proper spinal function. " I am amazed by the potential for the body to heal when restored to proper balance and function. " says Dr Mathew. 

Given Mathew is a keen traveller and he has practiced in Australia, Hong Kong, Spain, Scotland, Ireland and England over 22 years. He enjoys most sports, especially surfing, cycling, gym work and yoga, Dr Mathew understands maintaining physical fitness combined with chiropractic care it is a powerful recipe for staying healthy.

Professionally Dr Mathew has mastered his skills in various techniques of chiropractic from very gentle to the more traditional full spine methods. His particular areas of expertise lie in the field of chiropractic neurology and wellness care. He looks forward to meeting you and assisting you toward better health and a better quality of life.

His thoughts:"Its important to draw out the most of life, as it is just as important to draw out the most from your body! In doing so we must tap into that inborn wisdom that heals, rejuvenates and strives to survive and grow. Far too often this can be forgotten, so our bodies end up failing well before they should, that is why I get adjusted regularly and have done so since I was sixteen years old. If it wasn´t for chiropractic I wouldn´t be a chiropractor" - Dr Mathew

Dubai Health Authority license number: 33516414-001 / 33516414-002

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